What I do now...

PostKnit Babycastles The Ad Game
A collaborative project with inspiration from heirloom technologies such as the Jacquard loom, punch card computation and snail mail nostalgia. Postknit translates codified knit language into personal messages through the creation of handmade knit artifacts. Babycastles is a volunteer organization
working to expand the diversity of communities that participate in video games by developing exhibition spaces in new cultural contexts and facilitating workshops and discussions around the expanding role of technology in our lives. COMPUTER FEELINGS!
The 'Ad Game' is a playful online conversation about privacy and fair wages for digital workers played out through ad spaces on the sites you visit.

What i've done...

brokenheartrefund.com Babycastles Thumpy Bra Button
A vague message on a website encouraging people with broken hearts to reach out. Those that did received a physical hand-made heart from me in return. A reminder that the internet allows us to connect in non-digital ways. Co-Curator of the Babycastles Summit, a three-day series of over 80+ talks/panels/hands-on workshops, 25+ bands and DJs, and one custom full-floor video game installation containing 5 original games designed by Keita Takahashi, game designer of JapanŐs Katamari Damacy and built by a half a dozen developers in less then 3 weeks. "Thumpy" the One Button Object. A knit heart then when held and squeezed would provide a physical 'thumping' vibration. Displayed by Kokoromi at the 2011 Game Developer Conference alongside the 'one button games' display. A reminder that simple things can be playful and meaningful. Bra Button. Built for a four player game designed by Anna Antropy and displayed at Secret Project Robot in 2013.